Cannabis After Effects On The Brain and Body

 Cannabis Side Effects after Quitting

When a person smokes marijuana, he takes in a cocktail of chemicals called cannabinoids. Hence the most prominent cannabinoids is tetrahydro-cannabinol, or THC.
THC is considered the mother compound of hashish/marijuana. Because many of the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant have similarities to THC in terms
of chemical structure. Cannabinoids are also found in synthetic, or man-made cannabis, which are also used as recreational drugs.

When a you consumes cannabis. The THC compound present in the hemp plant is absorbed by the body immediately.
The compound impact is felt in a matter of minutes.
An extremely efficient drug, marijuana immediately causes the following changes to a person’s physiology:
1. Heart rate increases
2. Reaction time is greatly reduced
3. Blood pressure increases
4. General increase in appetite
5. Eyes begin to redden
6. Mouth will also begin to feel dry
7. Respiration rate increases

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 The Effects of Smoking Cannabis or Marijuana

The full impact of consuming or smoking cannabis or marijuana lasts for a maximum of four hours. Then after this period of time, the physiological effects begin to wear off. And, depending on the level of dependency. The marijuana user will begin to feel the need to consume the drug once again.
As a result one of the problems associated with cannabis use. Is the fact that cannabinoids, or the compounds present in the hemp plant. Tend to linger in the human body for a long period of
time. After the actual consumption.

So, if you smoked on April 1st, the cannabinoids will probably be detectable in your bloodstream by May 1st.
Hence that’s a full four weeks after you have consumed the cannabis. Your mental impairment that is associated with the hallucinogenic. After-effect of smoking pot may also last for weeks after the initial consumption. Thus the impairment, as you can imagine, is compounded as a person continues to use or consume cannabis.






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