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“Is The Wizard’s Secret Your Key To Stop Smoking?” Well, Let’s See What Else You Have Tried:

One-on-One Therapy: Aren’t you taking someone else’s theories to make your own? If you’ve tried that, haven’t you thought, “Well, it may work for some folks, but it won’t for me!” That’s the fatal flaw with one-on-one therapy. People won’t stop from someone else. They need their own findings—their special insights that will direct them to stop smoking. Other people can’t give you those needed insights!

Support Events: There is nothing worse than dwelling on what your problems seem to be. Who really cares? And how much can hearing others’ problems help you turn the corner and stop smoking and have mind-peace? Since you are reading this, and if you’ve tried “support”, it goes without saying it failed

. And What About The Patch: Its name says what it is: A “patch”, that’s what! What happens when you patch something that’s wrong? It lasts only so long—until you fix it properly. The patch halts nicotine in cigarette doses by giving you less nicotine, but that can never lead to total abstention. It’s a costly game people play.

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Stop Smoking -The Patch

The Gum, What About That: There’s little difference between chewing gum and the patch. They’re both costly band aids, reaping cash to folks who sell them, and not benefiting the people who buy them. But they do give folks hope, though nothing real comes from it all.

Artificial Smoking Devices Are Clever: They seem to give the aura of overcoming smoking…but look at the wording: “Artificial” gives it away. There’s nothing authentic, and that’s what smokers want: something that’s real and helps for good.

STOP Obsessing About Smoking—It is so time-wasteful, thinking about smoking. It’s a dirty, stinking habit. You need to let it go, not with your will power—because we don’t have much of that. But from insights you’ll start to see. Those insights start to get your thoughts on better things.

STOP White-Knuckle Inner Anger—Perhaps you have been there…You decide to stop cold-turkey, and folks who are near you (at work or in your home) start to keep their distance from you. At some point they ask you, “Why are you so angry?” (“Because I am stopping smoking!!!” you scream out in despair.) The only way for you to stop, is for it to be a “harmonious stopping”. That’s what Wizard’s program gives you.

STOP Refrigerator-Raiding At All Hours—The key to the Wizard’s secret is getting “all of you” to participate in stopping smoking…Deciding on stopping smoking without the “stomach’s approval” causes eating problems to come. Other programs miss this, causing folks to gain weight.(You trade one fault for another.) You owe it to yourself to own the Wizard’s…


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