Quit Smoking Cigarettes using EFT Method


Have you ever dream of Quitting Cigarette smoking ?

The main reason will power never seems to work is that every person on the planet experiences over 40,000 individual thoughts each and every day. However The problem is that for the most part we are not in control of these thoughts. As most of these are occurring on a subconscious level. So even though you have the desire to quit smoking Cigarette and your generating those thoughts over and over throughout your day. You still end up with another 39,000 thoughts that continue to remind you to light up a smoke.

You might be able to go without a smoke for an hour or two. But then your subconscious mind kicks in to remind you to light up a smoke. Quick light up, light up, light up, light up….. and before you know it the only thing on your mind is lighting up the next smoke.

Quit Smoking

Recent studies have shown that Gums and Patches fail over 80% of the time. With some doctors now saying that patches and gums could fail as much as 93% of the time.

So why do they fail? It’s because ALL of these products contain the same ingredient that you have become addicted to. They all contain the most addictive substance on the planet. They all contain nicotine.

quit smoking cigarette
Cigarette Smoking

So the reason most fail to quit. When using these products is because the moment they run out of the patches. Or gums they instantly get the urge to reach for a cigarette.  You are still addicted to nicotine. So the only way to satisfy this craving is to light up a smoke.

Every day we all experience a complete range of feelings and emotions.  For the most part these feelings go hand in hand with whatever emotion is being expressed at that time. This is nothing new. This has been going on sense the beginning of time.


However when you smoke your mind starts to link the activity of smoking with whatever feeling you are experiencing. At the moment you light up a cigarette. So over time all of their feelings and all of their emotions end up automatically being linked. With the act of smoking, until in the end the mind cannot do one without the other.

Thus every time you light up to smoke a cigarette. You are creating new links and bonds with whatever emotion you have at that time. So if you happen to be angry, happy or under stress. The mind links the action of smoking with these feelings. This explains why when you are under stress you instantly reach for a smoke. Your mind has previously linked smoking and stress together, so when under stress it tells you to run and light up a smoke. At the same time these links are also being bonded to the activities being carried out, such as having a smoke with a cup of coffee, or after a meal, or when driving a car… In the end the mind cannot do one…


Rodney O’Brien

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