Quit Smoking Cigarettes using EFT Method

Have you ever dream of Quitting Cigarette smoking ?

The main reason will power never seems to work is that every person on the planet experiences over 40,000 individual thoughts each and every day. However The problem is that for the most part we are not in control of these thoughts. As most of these are occurring on a subconscious level. So even though you have the desire to quit smoking Cigarette and your generating those thoughts over and over throughout your day. You still end up with another 39,000 thoughts that continue to remind you to light up a smoke.
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Cannabis After Effects On The Brain and Body

 Cannabis Side Effects after Quitting

When a person smokes marijuana, he takes in a cocktail of chemicals called cannabinoids. Hence the most prominent cannabinoids is tetrahydro-cannabinol, or THC.
THC is considered the mother compound of hashish/marijuana. Because many of the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant have similarities to THC in terms
of chemical structure. Cannabinoids are also found in synthetic, or man-made cannabis, which are also used as recreational drugs.

When a you consumes cannabis. The THC compound present in the hemp plant is absorbed by the body immediately.
The compound impact is felt in a matter of minutes.
An extremely efficient drug, marijuana immediately causes the following changes to a person’s physiology:
1. Heart rate increases
2. Reaction time is greatly reduced
3. Blood pressure increases
4. General increase in appetite
5. Eyes begin to redden
6. Mouth will also begin to feel dry
7. Respiration rate increases

quit smoking cannabis
Cannabis -Bloodshot EyeBall

 The Effects of Smoking Cannabis or Marijuana

The full impact of consuming or smoking cannabis or marijuana lasts for a maximum of four hours. Then after this period of time, the physiological effects begin to wear off. And, depending on the level of dependency. The marijuana user will begin to feel the need to consume the drug once again.
As a result one of the problems associated with cannabis use. Is the fact that cannabinoids, or the compounds present in the hemp plant. Tend to linger in the human body for a long period of
time. After the actual consumption.

So, if you smoked on April 1st, the cannabinoids will probably be detectable in your bloodstream by May 1st.
Hence that’s a full four weeks after you have consumed the cannabis. Your mental impairment that is associated with the hallucinogenic. After-effect of smoking pot may also last for weeks after the initial consumption. Thus the impairment, as you can imagine, is compounded as a person continues to use or consume cannabis.






Quit Smoking -A Guide to Quitting smoking for Good

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking -A Guide to Quitting smoking for GoodClick Image To Visit Site

Quit Smoking Side Effects

“FINALLY, Learn How You Can Quickly Kick That Smoking Habit, Easily. Therefore without the Aid of Patches, Pills or Drugs. Discover the Fool Proof Method Your Doctor Never Told You About!” If you smoke or know anyone that smokes, drop everything that you’re doing right now! This may be the most important life-changing letter you may ever read.

It is said that we’re creatures of habit – Even if we know that a certain habit does nothing for us, we continue doing it anyway. The fact that you have ended up at this websites probably means that you have considered to quit smoking…Am I right?
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EasyQuit System tm -learn to quit smoking for good

EasyQuit System™ is a proven method to help people quit smoking without the need for NRT, patches, pills or other drugs. The system uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods to work

EasyQuit System tm -learn  to quit smoking for goodClick Image To Visit Site

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EasyQuit System TM Review

If you just can’t face the anguish of going through yet another quit attempt, you need to try the incredible EasyQuit System TM

With the EasyQuit System™, 96 percent of people don’t just learn how to stop smoking, they actually learn how to stop ever wanting to smoke ever again!
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Smoking -Quit Smoking NOW! In 2016

Smoking -Quit Smoking NOW! In 2016Click Image To Visit Site

quit smoking

Quit Smoking Side Effects

Hi, I’m Joan Chionilos, and with my program, you will end your smoking habit regardless of how many times you have tried. I’ve been a hypnotherapist for well over 20 years and I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists: the largest, oldest, and most respected association of hypnotherapists in the world. I was horrified when I looked around the internet and saw some of the misinformation and junk that some people are trying to pass off as a solution to help people stop smoking.

Many of these unscrupulous people don’t even have any training. It is no wonder that their products do not work.

Unlike many other hypnotists or so-called experts, I SPECIALIZE in exactly one thing: HELPING PEOPLE QUIT SMOKING Quickly and Permanently…

During my career, I have been extremely successful at doing ONE SESSION SEMINARS for BANKS, SCHOOLS, HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS, CORPORATIONS, and in PRIVATE PRACTICE.

* HEART DISEASE Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke are the primary types of Cardiovascular disease caused by smoking. They are the #1 leading cause of death in the US. Congestive heart failure and high blood pressure are also cardiovascular diseases, with 2,800 Americans dying daily… That’s one death every 33 seconds. Smoking is extremely hard on the heart. Toxins in the blood from smoking causes plaque to form which hardens the arteries. Eventually, this leads to inflammation, scarring and thickening of the artery wall, as well as blood clots which obstruct blood flow leading to heart attacks or strokes.

* CANCER OF THE LUNGS Primary Symptoms include: Cough, Dark Brown or Bloody mucus with the cough, Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath, Fatigue. While most people show signs of cancer, many show no signs at all until the disease is in an advanced state.

* EMPHYSEMA One of the most common lung disorders that result in blocked air flow. Emphysema occurs when the walls between the air sacks in the lungs become weakened and collapse, making it difficult to breathe. This disease is extremely debilitating and causes permanent destruction of the lungs over time. It is usually Permanent and Irreversible. Symptoms:

Trouble catching one’s breath Cough with or without mucus Shortness of breath (worsened by mild activity) Respiratory Infections Wheezing Fatigue

quit smoking
Smoking – The Results of Smoking

* EMPHYSEMA and CHRONIC BRONCHITIS are known as COPD: CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE. Both result in blocked air flow to the lungs and are the most common cause of RESPERATORY FAILURE.

Birth Defects- 20-30% more likely to have shortened or missing limbs, 27% more likely to have gastrointestinal issues, 50% more likely to be born with intestines outside the body, 9% more likely to have heart defects, etc.

Children and Teens – inner ear infections, colds, sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia (to name a few)

– FEAR of falling asleep while smoking – Addiction to nicotine – Hacking cough with heavy phlegm – Frequent colds, sore throat and bronchitis – Withdrawal symptoms at work, Dr’s office or restaurant – Yellow stained teeth and fingernails – Cigarette burn and stains on…

Quit Smoking Now

Rodney O’Brien

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Stop Smoking -Programs

Stop Smoking -ProgramsClick Image To Visit Site

Stop Smoking Tips

“Is The Wizard’s Secret Your Key To Stop Smoking?” Well, Let’s See What Else You Have Tried:

One-on-One Therapy: Aren’t you taking someone else’s theories to make your own? If you’ve tried that, haven’t you thought, “Well, it may work for some folks, but it won’t for me!” That’s the fatal flaw with one-on-one therapy. People won’t stop from someone else. They need their own findings—their special insights that will direct them to stop smoking. Other people can’t give you those needed insights!
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PermaQuit Method – How To Stop Smoking Once & For All

The Official PermaQuit Method Website: Discover the REAL hidden reason your previous attempts to quit have failed, and FINALLY Stop Smoking Once & For All.

PermaQuit Method - How To Stop Smoking Once & For AllClick Image To Visit Site


The PermaQuit Method – How To Stop Smoking

The PermaQuit Method  – You’re probably reading this because you’re worried about your health and realize you need to quit smoking. Or perhaps cigarettes are becoming too expensive, and you can’t afford to keep buying them anymore.

But I’m also guessing that you’ve probably tried to quit more than once – maybe trying different methods – but something keeps dragging you back to them…
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Quit Smoking in Less than 7 Days

Discover how to quit smoking cigarette in less than 7 days. Log on to see how our program has changed lives of thousands of chain smokers. Guaranteed Results.

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Quit Smoking Magic

Are YOU dealing with a smoking addiction that is consuming your life? You are not alone so don’t give up hope until…

You honestly believe that you’ve finally found the cure! Unfortunately after all the hype, effort, and MONEY spent, you end up the same position as always in which you lose yet another morsel of “Hope” eventually resulting in YOU giving up on trying to quit altogether.”
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Quit Marijuana Information You requested

Quit Marijuana Information you need to know

If you have been smoking marijuana for any length of time now. And would like to know how to finally stop this habit. You have come to the right place. In today’s discussion. We will be exploring the effects of marijuana and why you should stop smoking this addictive hemp plant. The first reason why you should quit marijuana is that you can develop an addiction. For it in a short period of time. This is probably due to the fact that marijuana contains dozens of chemicals. That have an immediate impact on the brain and your mental faculties.

Many supporters of marijuana say that cigarettes have killed more people than all the cannabis in the world combined. Statistically speaking, there might be a grain of truth in this. But does it mean that every child, teenager, and adult should start rolling marijuana. And smoking it out in the streets. If we look at the problem from a scientific, and not a populist, point of view. The issue is that marijuana causes mental deficiencies and behavioral changes. That do not benefit the user, and also puts other people at risk.

The Side effects Of long term Use Of Marijuana

Additionally, long-term abuse of this drug has been linked to many health conditions, including respiratory problems, reproductive issues, etc. In short, you will be trading in” good health. For momentary trips or highs that will sink you further into the mire of addiction. It is a vicious, and never-ending, cycle that will drain your money, energy. And draw the genuine concern of those around you.

Chronic marijuana abusers often flake on their responsibilities, and take those around them for granted. This is one of the main reasons why cannabis was one of the drugs of choice during sixties and seventies. The hippies and other people in counter-culture movements at that time chose drugs that opposed the conventions of society.

Today, the issue itself is no longer with a person’s freedom to choose what to do with his life. It’s choosing between leading a normal life and a drained life mired by physical and mental issues. In addition, it has been proven that individuals. Who start with marijuana at a young age (e.g. during one’s teenage years) are more likely to suffer. From serious complications resulting from extended use of the marijuana plant.

quit smoking
quit marijuana

Is Marijuana A Medical Plant

In the United States, there are many grassroots movements who are raring to legalize marijuana. Claiming that it is a medicinal plant and not a drug. If you were to ask a medical professional about marijuana. He will probably tell you that they already know that marijuana has healing properties.

However, this plant can only be safely prescribed and administered by a trained medical professional. Who is aware of all the risks involved. People who use medical marijuana use this plant because no other treatment is working.

That is completely different from buying marijuana out on the street, and smoking it incessantly at home and at work. So, do not be confused between medical marijuana and street marijuana or pot. These are two very different things, rooting from completely different contexts as well.

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How Do I Stop Smoking Marijuana

How to quit smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is a hemp plant that has been cultivated for hundreds of years because of its medicinal and hallucinogenic properties. In Western society, marijuana was originally used for its healing effects on the human body. However, people soon realized that this healing plant has another benefit: it causes mood changes, euphoria, and highs when smoked, or consumed in any other manner. This is when it all went rolling downhill for this hemp plant. If you have become addicted to smoking weed and would like to stop, here are some tips to get you started:

quit smoking

1. The first step in quitting cannabis is accepting the fact that you need to stop for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Let’s face it: no one can ever be truly healthy if they are smoking weed. Marijuana, if consumed for momentary highs, causes health and mental damage over the long-term. So, if you want to quit using this drug, you have to acknowledge the need.

2. After acknowledging the need to quit smoking marijuana, the next logical step is to make a divine commitment to yourself that you are never going to touch the drug again. Do not say “I’m doing this for Mom and Pops,” or anything similar. Commitments that are formed in this manner are never genuine, because you can eventually break down and just say that you don’t care what other people think anymore. Instead, say, “I’m doing this to keep myself healthy, because I want to life to the fullest.” If you make a commitment in this manner, you are accountable to yourself: the most important person in your world. If you fail, you have failed yourself, and that is never a fun thought now, is it?

3. When have committed to the idea of quitting marijuana for good, the next step is to find or form a support network that will help you get past the common obstacles to being completely free of marijuana. Ideally, your support network should be composed of at least one professional consultant with experience in drug recovery and, of course family and friends who want you to become drug-free. A good support network should never be composed of people who use drugs themselves!

4. Try to reach out and socialize with people who are also recovering from marijuana abuse. These people may not be experts, and they may not be as well informed as a person who works at a recovery center, but at least you will be comforted knowing that you are not alone, and there are others just like you who are striving to return to normal every single day. There is definitely power in numbers. Whether online or in real life, communicationhelp with like-minded individuals who also want to quit marijuana for good may spell the difference between sweet success and bitter failure.

5. Finally, it may help if you throw away anything is associated with marijuana use, even if it’s just rolling paper or lighters. You don’t need those things, anyway, so you don’t have to keep them around the house anymore. Read more

quit smoking